Ayurveda massage English

Ayurveda massage English

The Ayurvedic massage is an Indian soft energetic body massage.

I use fragrant,oils, according to your situation / personality.

Based on your true nature or prakruti (constitution), the method is determined with the corresponding oil.

Procedure: I start by back, neck and shoulders.

The massage often helps to prevent frequent complaints and solve problems.

Then the buttocks, legs, calves and feet are massaged.

You turn around and the head, face, chest and stomach are massaged.

Arms, hands, legs and feet completes the massage.

Ayurvedic massage is a massage that balances the entire body. The massage cleans, relaxes, nourishes and balances the physical body, emotions and mind.

Body, mind, and energetic system are brought closer together and the self-restoring ability of the body is stimulated. It not only works on the muscles but also on the energy system of aura, chakras, meridians and marma points, thus providing more vital energy. (Marma points are pressure points from the Ayurveda.)

In addition, the Ayurvedic massage activates the lymphatic system and circulatory system, which helps to remove toxins that are firmly in the body.

The Ayurveda massage prolongs its life span, contributes to the awareness of the body, relieves muscle tension and increases the sensual appearance.

Furthermore, the Ayurvedic massage helps to loosen emotional blockages.

After the massage

You will be covered in a warm towel and get the opportunity to feel what you have experienced. After the massage you can share your experiences if you like to.Time and costsYou can choose for a tantra massage of: 90 minutes (70 euro) or 120 minutes (90 euro). This is what I prefer because everything can be allowed to happen smoothly when there is enough time.

Massage is part of culture and lifestyle in India. Massages are given in many places in different forms. The best known are the Tantra massage and the Ayurveda massage. The tantra massage is no longer so openly influenced by all sorts of influences, but its origin is in India. The Ayurvedic massage is part of Ayurvedic healthcare that is widely used and accepted in India. A combination of these massages is possible. For both massages, 90 minutes are recommended minimum