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Ayurveda massage in Aliran Gairah

The Ayurvedic massage is an Indian gentle energetic total body massage.

I use fragrant, adapted oils, composed according to your situation / personality. Based on your true nature or prakruti (constitution), the method is determined with the corresponding oil.

Method: I start with the back, neck and shoulders. Complaints often arise here and massage helps prevent these and solves any problems. Then the buttocks, legs, calves and feet are massaged. You turn around and the head, face, chest and stomach are massaged. Arms, hands, legs and feet complete the massage.

Ayurvedic massage is a massage that balances the entire body. The massage cleans, relaxes, nourishes and balances the physical body, the emotions and the mind.

Body, mind and the energetic system are brought closer together and the self-healing capacity of the body is stimulated. So it not only works on the muscles but also on the energy system of aura, chakras, meridians and marma points and therefore provides more vital energy. (Marma points are pressure points from Ayurveda.)

​In addition, Ayurvedic massage activates the lymphatic system and the circulatory system, helping to remove toxins that are trapped deep in the body.

The Ayurveda massage extends the lifespan, contributes to the awareness of the body, relieves muscle tension and increases the sensual appearance. Furthermore, the Ayurvedic massage helps to release emotional blockages.

Massage is part of the culture and lifestyle in India. Massages are given in many places in different forms. The best known are the Tantra massage and the Ayurveda massage. The tantra massage is no longer so openly offered by all kinds of influences, but it has its origin in India.

Ayurveda massage is part of Ayurvedic health theory that is widely used and accepted in India. A combination of these massages is possible. A minimum of 90 minutes is recommended for both massages

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is considered to be the oldest medical and health system written down some 5,000 / 6,000 years ago.
It is a holistic, scientific system originating from India that helps people to get and stay in balance through nutrition, lifestyle, massages, herbs, yoga and meditation..

Ayurveda means: knowledge (veda) of life (ayus), a combination of two words from Sanskrit

Absence of disease does not mean that you are healthy within Ayurveda. Health means that the three doshas are in balance, excretion is good, the mind is calm and in balance and the tissues are functioning normally.

Every person has his own specific composition of the elements at birth. Everything around us can also be divided into these 5 elements: food, herbs, the seasons, the time of day, and all this affects our well-being.

Because of these external influences, your unique constitution can become unbalanced, which can eventually cause illness.

The principles of Ayurveda are universal and anyone who wishes a happy, healthy and inspiring life can use the wisdom of Ayurveda.

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“The massages at George are always pleasant, soothing and relaxing. George’s hands feel nice. Personally, I always find the massage of the vajra very nice and delicious. You feel comfortable with George and there is no question of that. ”


“I just want to let you know that I really enjoyed the massage. It has made me curious about other massage techniques. You write on your site about “pushing your limits”. A step further. I hope you have an idea what suits me? For example, I liked it when you joined me. I trust you. That was something I had to test the first time. ”