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Hotstone massage in Aliran Gairah

Hot Stone massage is massage using hot stones from solidified lava. It is an addition to massage, healing and therapy.

Hot Stone massage is a quiet rhythmic massage, aimed at relaxation and healing. The warmth of the stones is beneficial and helps to clear blocked areas. It works on the muscles, chakras, meridians and marma points. The energy flows are thus managed in the right direction. The warmth of the stones helps to enter the energy channels, which affects all systems, body, mind and social well-being and therefore has a holistic approach.

Hot Stone massage is from Hawaii.

I use the stones most often as a supplement to body massage. The emphasis of the treatment is on relaxation and the removal of fears, annoyances and other negative emotions, which prevents those emotions from causing diseases. The body becomes calm and comes into its own harmonic, natural rhythm.

Effects of a Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone works on a deep level of body, mind and social well-being and can be applied effectively to pain and stress-related complaints. The treatment ensures that blockages are removed and therefore has a healing effect. Lack of harmony leads to resistance, which in turn leads to blockages in the energy flow.

The Hot Stone massage restores the life force and has a stimulating effect on the muscles, the nervous system, the senses, the circulatory system and the organs. In addition, the massage improves the supply of oxygen, the metabolism and removal of waste products, the lymphatic system is activated and cleaned. The vital life energy flows to any place in the body, releasing locked tensions and promoting health.

Hot Stone is more than a massage as we know it here in the west. It helps to rebalance with the breath of life. And it helps you remember who you are in the fullness of your being.

Hot Stone is a beneficial form of massage. At the same time, it is a powerful tool for getting in touch with unresolved issues in your life. A session helps release physical, emotional and mental stress. And it helps heal blockages to clear the way for a harmonious and energetic life.

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“De massages bij George zijn altijd prettig, rustgevend en ontspannen. De handen van George voelen fijn aan. Persoonlijk vind ik de massage van de vajra altijd bijzonder fijn en lekker. Je voelt je bij George op je gemak en van gene is geen sprake.”


“Ik wil je even laten weten dat ik de massage heel fijn vond. Het heeft me nieuwsgierig gemaakt naar andere massagetechnieken. Je schrijft op je site over ‘je grenzen verleggen’. Een stapje verder. Ik hoop dat je idee hebt wat bij mij past? Ik vond het bijvoorbeeld fijn toen je bij me kwam zitten. Ik vertrouw je. Dat was iets wat ik de eerste keer even moest aftasten.”


Hot Stone Massage method

As a start I will “feel” the energy household to determine where extra attention is needed in the body. It also helps to open you energetically so that I can work in the aura.

By opening a connection is created, so that it becomes clear where the stones should be placed. I use the stones on the body, usually with a cloth in between, to transfer heat to the body and to massage with it. I also massage with my hands.

The whole body is worked on throughout the treatment. The stones are placed in such a way that they calm or stimulate the central nervous system, the muscles can be treated, the blood circulation and drainage are improved. Placing the stones is therefore not done randomly.

At first it can feel a bit strange, especially the weight of the stones and the intensive heat sometimes takes some getting used to, but if you are used to it you can get into a deep relaxation.

For many people, the temperature of the stones is too high in the beginning. I usually put a cloth between the body and the stones to absorb the first heat. The stones stay warm for a long time, especially the larger stones. It is important to always indicate when it no longer feels comfortable.

Hot Stone massage is accompanied by a total body massage.


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