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Tantra massage in Aliran Gairah

A Tantra massage is a total body massage, it can lead to complete relaxation and ecstasy..

One of the parts in tantra is respectful touch and massage. Many people experience the touch and nurturing as very healing.

Tantra massage distinguishes itself from other massages by;

Using the body as an entrance to generate and connect the energy through;

The gentle form of a tantra massage and the amount of massage oil;

The whole body is massaged in a tantra massage;

Use of natural elements such as tantra massage forms;

Use of perhaps unusual tantra massage techniques.

If you opt for a tantra massage, you will be with me, without clothes, unless you object. Everything may take place, nothing is a must. It is important that both know their own limits.

The energy will be connected in a tantra massage, especially the second chakra, (the sex chakra), with the fourth chakra, (the heart chakra). This can provide a total ecstatic experience, especially if you can totally surrender yourself to the enjoyment of the tantra massage. Perhaps unknown techniques are used which are quite normal in Tantra and Taoism.

The tantra massage is accompanied by tantric and Taoist influences or elements thereof. Energy is generated to be able to flow through the body through the chakras, so that they reconnect with each other.

If you also want to be able to give a tantra massage by yourself, you can participate a tantra massage course in Aliran Gairah.

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In principle, the practice is open daily from 11 am to 11 pm, by appointment only.

“De begeleiding en ondersteuning in Aliran Gairah kenmerkt zicht door ervan uit te gaan dat alle kwaliteiten die je nodig hebt om gelukkig te kunnen leven al aanwezig zijn.”

Method of Tantra massage

As a working method in a tantra massage I start to scan the energy and if possible will make a first start to restore the energy if it is disturbed. Then the natural elements are used as a tantra massage form. The back, legs, buttocks and feet are massaged with the hands, using a lot of oil.

In the method of a tantra massage, the chakras are activated and a first start to connection is made.

Then in the method of a tantra massage the face and head are massaged. The chest, legs and the vajra (men) or the yoni (women) are also massaged with the hands. Here too a lot of oil is used. The vajra and yoni is massaged with Taoist strokes.

In addition to energetically connecting and the vajrah or yoni massage, there is also room in the method of a tantra massage for an anal massage if desired. Furthermore, nature elements, earth, water, fire, air and ether will be used.

Tantra in Aliran Gairah

Tantra means weaving in the sense of uniting the many and often contradictory aspects of life into a harmonious whole.
Tantra also means broadening, in the sense that once we understand and unite our own energies, we are able to enjoy more joy and pleasure.

Within the tantric vision you embrace everything in life. Move away from prejudice.

Since Tantra is non-religious, it does not convey theology either. One does not convert to Tantrism, one commits to nothing.

Tantra is for everyone. Men, women, couples, young people, elderly people. Also couples and partners of the same sex can go to Tantra from a tantric point of view. Tantra’s vision of heterosexual homosexuality is: can heterosexuals and homosexuals really accept Tantra.

Tantra is non-moral, non-religious, non-political, etc. Tantra does not involve any morality.

In the Tantric traditions where sexuality was seen as sacred, there was no prejudice about love between two persons of any gender or age. This tradition is continued with love in Aliran Gairah.