Tantra Massage English

Tantra Massage English

Tantra massage is different because of:- The use of the body to generate and connect energy,- The soft way of massage and the use of plenty of oil,

– The total body will be massaged,

– The use of the elements of nature as a way to massage,

– The use of perhaps unusual massage techniques

A lot of people experience the respectful touching and caresses as very healing.

How does it work.
In a tantra massage session you are together with me without cloths, unless it bothers you. Everything can take place. Both should know what feels all right and what not. There is also a possibility to massage the anus inside and the prostate.
The beginning of the massage is without oil. There will be attention to the energy and the elements of nature.
The back, the legs, the butt and the foot will be massaged by hands, mouth and body. There will be used plenty of oil. The chakras will be activated and the first connections will be made.
You turn around on your back. Your face, head and hands will be massaged. Your chest, legs and vairah (men) get a massage with hands, mouth and body. Also here plenty of oil will be used. The vajrah will be massaged with strokes, coming from the Tao principles. The energy between the second and fourth chakra is connected now and can give you an ecstatic feeling.
After the massage

You will be covered in a warm towel and get the opportunity to feel what you have experienced. After the massage you can share your experiences if you like to.Time and costsYou can choose for a tantra massage of: 90 minutes (70 euro) or 120 minutes (90 euro). This is what I prefer because everything can be allowed to happen smoothly when there is enough time.